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All Tartan Day Button Orders are now being processed online!
See below for details.


2021 Tartan Day buttons are now available! In order to minimize costs, this year's button is a smaller 1¼' design, for only $2.50 (before any discounts)! Click here for a direct link to the ordering page!

New Address! Even though it's been four years since I moved, some of you may still have my old e-mail address. So please delete from your contact information, and replace it with I've made sure that even if I move again, the e-mail address will stay the same from now on. Thank you for your understanding!

FAQ (aka. Frequently-Asked Questions)

Who are you?

This site is owned and operated by Jack Barker of the Tartan Day Cooperative of Wisconsin. Those of you who have purchased buttons in the past may remember getting them from Babs Humphrey in Minnesota. Well, Babs is my mother and together, we decided in 2006 that I would take over the button-selling responsibilities and let her have a well-deserved rest.

How do I order 2021 Tartan Day Buttons?

Easy as pie—just click here for a links to the order form for the 2021 button.

How much do the 2021 Tartan Day Buttons cost?

Pricing and shipping information can be found on the zazzle web site. Note that they often have special promotions!

Who designed the Tartan Day 2021 Button?

That would be me, Jack! I've designed the official Tartan Day Button since the 2001 button.

"Official, authorized" buttons? Says who?

The buttons are designed under the auspices of The Scottish Coalition, the organization that has spearheaded the recognition of Tartan Day since 1997. They played an instrumental part in lobbying the Senate to pass U.S. Senate Resolution 155, as well as the House of Representatives' Resolution H.R. 41 (passed on March 9, 2005). The Coalition has helped to organize and encourage Tartan Day celebrations across the U.S.A. and Canada, and is dedicated to the preservation and strengthening of the traditional bonds between Scotland, the U.S. and Canada. The Tartan Day Buttons are part of the Coalition's efforts to spread a unified message about Tartan Day all across North America.

Hey, what's with this memo that came with my button order?

Economics. Starting with the 2011 buttons, I switched from the old system (where I bought a bunch of buttons up front) to an online fulfillment system (where you'll be able to buy buttons directly from the manufacturer). The main advantage of this is that everyone who wants a button can get one, without me having to peer into my crystal ball to try to guess how many I'm going to need each year. Plus, it means that all orders will get shipped out within days of the order being placed, and not dependent on how often I can get to the post office! And it means I don't get stuck with a bunch of leftover buttons in April.

Is it possible to order previous years' Tartan Day Buttons?

I'm afraid not, unless you want a 2011–2020 button. Click here to visit my zazzle store, where 2011–2020 buttons can still be obtained.

How many buttons are there?

Because of our transition to an online fulfillment service, there is no limit to the number of buttons available! They are manufactured when they are ordered, so we'll never run out!

What does the money you get from the buttons get used for?

The Tartan Day Cooperative of Wisconsin takes only a small percentage of the price of the buttons. These go towards promoting Scottish events in Wisconsin and around the Midwest.

Can I order buttons online?

YES! In fact, that's now the ONLY way you can order buttons. Please do NOT send me a past year's order form with a request for 2012 or earlier buttons. It will be returned. Please use the links on the ordering page to order buttons.

What's the deal with the T-shirts?

After many successful years of selling buttons, I am tentatively beginning to test the market to see if there is a demand for other products, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and so on. I've had good luck in the past using zazzle for similar projects, so I decided to use them for the t-shirts for the time being. If you'd like to see other Tartan Day Button products on zazzle, let me know!

Can I order buttons and t-shirts together?

YES. The buttons and the T-shirts are all produced by, and can be ordered together.

I have a different question!

Feel free to e-mail me at and I will be happy to answer as best I can!

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